There is a misconception perpetuated throughout the IT industry, that in order to be a successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) or outsourced IT firm, the focus should be promoting the solution rather than the needs of individuals within an organization utilizing the technology. We want to be recognized as the exception to the traditional MSP mentality by understanding the purpose, motivation, and cause driving a business. Providing your company with exceptional service and support is not solely about the systems, applications, and infrastructure… it’s about people. It’s about your Why.



For us, technique and process are absolutely necessary in order to accomplish what we set out to do, support people and organizations through the use of technology solutions. We also understand the value of relationships and the importance of having a personal experience based on trust and dedication. Through education, guidance, and dedication we intend to demonstrate that by approaching managed service from a humanistic perspective leads to greater achievement and more notable results for your business.


Azure In The Fast Lane – Part II

For many businesses, there’s value in Azure beyond the cost. We recently had a fast-moving opportunity to deliver an Azure solution for a new client, so rather than going through traditional channels, we went through CSP and here is what we learned…

Azure In The Fast Lane – Part I

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model has been in full force for about a year now, and at Convergence Networks, we’ve been delivering Office 365 solutions through the CSP program to deliver quick licensing and centralized management for our clients.

Security Spotlight: “They” Are Out To Get Us!

It doesn't matter if I'm paranoid - "they're still after me!" This might sound trite coming from a security professional, but I think we all need a good dose of paranoia when it comes to using “connected technology”.


Nice to meet you


We have big goals and high expectations for ourselves. Each member of the Convergence team wants to be viewed as a valued asset to your organization, an extension of your business that acts in your best interest, and an accomplice in your success story. In order to achieve that ideal partnership, we need to develop a relationship and establish mutual trust. That all starts with answering the simple question… how can we help?

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