Honored to Mentor, Provide & Guide Success


Anybody can say they are GREAT.  At Convergence Networks we “walk the talk” time and again as illustrated by the feedback, acknowledgements, and awards we receive from our employees and our peers.

As our employees are surely the key to our success, we are proud to say that in 2014 they voted us one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon. This is the 6th time our employees have honored us with this title.

Executives from other local companies have also admired the GREAT work we do by voting us one of the Top 25 Technical Companies in Oregon.

On a global level, we were voted 117th Best Managed Service Provider in the world.

Our founder, Eric Gray, was voted one of the Top 250 Managed Service Provider Executives in the World. 

Over the last three years Convergence Networks has had revenue growth of 36.62% and is ranked as the 98th fastest growing company in Portland.

To keep our GREAT service on track, we send randomized surveys to all client employees. HDI, The Helpdesk Institute, benchmarks exceptional service as 95% satisfaction.  At Convergence we benchmark our service success even higher and our recent survey results landed us in the 97.5% satisfaction rating.