Celebrating 1 Million Tickets

Our One Millionth Ticket

Have you ever been waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store and all of a sudden a siren goes off, confetti falls from the ceiling, and the store manager is standing in front of you holding two free tickets to Tahiti or better yet an oversize check for $50,000!? No… that’s never happened to you? Well, us either! We did close our one millionth ticket, however. Not too shabby of a milestone!

The celebratory ticket wasn’t created in response to a critical emergency or a massive outage. It was a routine notice to remind a client about a server reboot that was scheduled to occur this Thursday. Yes, it would have been a lot more dramatic if our one millionth ticket had been created out of desperation and massive urgency because the business couldn’t function without our assistance. More often times than not, we work hard to achieve scenarios just like our one millionth ticket. We plan, prepare, and anticipate the IT needs of our clients, whether that be upgrading system infrastructure or installing patches to proactively keep security threats at bay. In essence our one millionth ticket couldn’t be more representative of what each individual at Convergence strives for… providing GREAT customer service!

Cheers and here is to one million more tickets (those of the routine, non-emergency nature of course)! #onemillionandcounting

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