Top 10 MSPs From The Northwest in 2015

Convergence Networks ranks number two on the MSPmentor’s 2015 Top 10 Northwest MSPs

Many IT companies promote the notion of having excellent customer service; however impeccable customer service standards are not something a business owns per se, it is something that they do… on a daily basis, continuously regardless of the circumstances. Convergence Networks demonstrates this with their 98.42% customer satisfaction rating, which is almost unheard of in the technology industry. MSPmentor recently recognized Convergence as one of the Top 10 Northwest MSPs in 2015.

Convergence was built around the concept of customer service. This principle is ever present in the organization’s culture, values, and mentality. “Good” customer service is subpar for Convergence, who strives to provide “GREAT” customer service to every client, every time. How many companies (who just happened to know technology) can say that?

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