Letters From Our Clients


Convergence restored our faith in IT!

“Our firm found out the hard way the importance of having an exceptional IT company on your side.  In 2003 our network had been working on and off for approximately six weeks. At the time, we were dealing with an IT company that dealt in block hours, the more hours we were down, the more money they made, there was no motivation to restore our network. When you are an accounting firm and every hour counts this issue hits hard.  Enter Convergence!

We knew we had to make a change and began interviewing various IT companies, eventually meeting with Eric Gray and a couple of members of the Convergence team.  What a breath of fresh air! At the time they were the only company we found that was offering a flat fee service level contact and the philosophy of the company hit home with our firm.  They didn’t want us to have network issues any more than we did.  We made the decision then and there to hire them.  They had us back up and running right away and our network hasn’t been down since.

The way they do business, the knowledge and expertise they have and the ease of getting in touch with our support team have amazed us ever since.  Convergence is one our firm’s most valued business partners.”