Karl Boercker - VCIO

You Deserve GREAT


You are dedicated to your company, your employees, your success. GREAT parters are what you deserve. And here’s what GREAT stands for to us:

GROWTH – We believe if a company or individual is not growing, they are shrinking, and shrinking leads to dying.

RELATIONSHIPS – For the founder Eric Gray, this is the most important value within the organization.  We believe in rock solid relationships with our customers, our staff and our community.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS FIRST – As an organization it is in our DNA to focus on our existing customers before assuming the new sale is better.  Our existing clients are what got us here and we never forget that.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE – Within the realm of security, business trends, and technology we spend a large amount of our time staying ahead of these trends by utilizing our team’s knowledge to proactively help our clients’ businesses succeed.

TEAMWORK – When times are tough you need a solid team and we have that at Convergence.    We win or lose as a team and our people know that.  It is the power of our GREAT team that keeps our winning record so high.