Down Time is Not an Option

Business Continuity

The needs of every business are unique and at Convergence we make it a priority to understand your business. Our VCIOs will investigate your network and your data protection needs to find the business continuity solution that is uniquely fitted to you. Not every company needs redundant on-site and offsite servers with a rolling truck that shows up with a ready to-go office, but every business needs a plan.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  • If my servers go down how long do I wait for work to resume?
  • Is my data secure and protected?
  • What are my key points of failure?
  • How often am I experiencing downtime and why?
  • Is there a more effective way prevent those downtimes?

If you are questioning your IT infrastructure and wondering if there is a better way to prevent disaster and loss of productivity, we can help. Our expert VCIOs will find a way to improve the dependability and availability of your systems, so you can focus on what makes your business great, while we take care of the technology that keeps it going.

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