Disaster Prevention

IT has changed much in the last decade, for many years disaster recovery was a massive industry. Disaster recovery services provided businesses quick and easy ways to get back up and running after disasters. This often would involve expensive plans like mobile offices, or rolling trucks that held data centers for temporary setup. Although these solutions would work for extreme situations the costs of such services often outweigh the benefits, which begs the question, why spend lots of money on recovery when you can prevent those disasters in the first place?

Convergence Networks is on the cutting edge of disaster prevention techniques.

Consider the old adage:

“The best defense is a good offense”

We investigate your business and implement strategies to prevent disasters before they happen.


Questions that you should be asking:

  • Do I have a redundancy solution in my place for my line of business applications?
  • Do I need multiple internet service lines (on different grids) in case of an outage?
  • If a disaster does occur, what kind of policies do we have in place for recovery?
  • Is there a cloud solution that could save me time and money?
  • Do I have multi layered backups and redundancy systems? (both onsite and in the cloud)


These are just a few of the things we take into consideration when designing a dynamic disaster recovery strategy for your business.

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