Why your business needs a Certified Ethical Hacker

Cyber hacking is a growing security problem for small and large businesses alike. So how do you prevent it? And after you’ve done your best to implement security to prevent it, how do you verify you’re safe? There’s actually an easy answer to that. The best way to keep a hacker out of your network is to hire a hacker to invade it.

Let me clarify: an ethical hacker.

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a professional who has been trained in offensive security, receiving a certification from the EC-Council. Certified individuals have mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to hack into networks and/or hosts.

Certified hacking is also known as penetration testing, and its purpose is to assess security by essentially targeting a client’s network in the same manner as illegal hackers. Of course, all such testing is done with full authorization from the client, and the outcomes of such tests are shared via a report after the engagement. Penetration testing reveals security flaws and allows the business to remediate the issues before an illegal hacker takes advantage of their network.

But why do businesses need to go to such lengths? A security breach could result in a variety of negative outcomes, ranging from minor inconvenience or embarrassment to complete shutdown of the business. It’s easier (and usually cheaper) to proactively address security issues versus having to react to them later.

Recent events strongly illustrate that hackers are out there, and they’re targeting businesses of all sizes and industries. In some cases, they’re looking to steal intellectual property such as new product designs, business plans, and other information. In others, they’re just flat-out looking to steal money, whether by grabbing bank account logins to siphon money out of business accounts (and they definitely like to target business accounts as the balances tend to be higher), or by getting you to somehow send them money.

Either way, the threats are out there. Ethical hacking can test your networks using the same techniques the hacker will use and allow you to shut them out before the damage is done. Contact us to get started with proactive security for your business.