Cloud Atlas VI

Cloud Services

Moving your company to the cloud can be incredibly complex. That’s why businesses hire experienced cloud integration specialists like Convergence. We do the work and make the transition seamless for you and your employees.

Whether you are already in the cloud or you’re just considering cloud computing, we offer all the cloud services you need and will customize solutions based on your unique business requirements.

Cloud Integration Services

We can help you determine which services will be most effective for your business and help you and your employees enjoy a smooth transition to the cloud.

Cloud Vendor Management

The big cloud vendors offer efficient solutions at a low cost, but they often don’t offer the kind of personal support that most businesses need. That’s where we come in. We can set you up with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 or whatever cloud solutions you need to run your business. And once these solutions are in place, we’ll support them, so you know where to go for help.

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