Miller Insurance Office Move

Customer Success Story:

Miller Insurance

“Convergence to the rescue. While moving into our new office we recognized the importance of keeping our data flowing during the transition. Seemed like a simple task, but when the data provider failed to meet their timeline we were dead in the water. No phones, email, internet or faxes will kill an information-centered service business. Convergence was immediately onsite engineering a solution. Within hours they had established a collocation for our server, which allowed our staff to work from home until a new data provider could be found.”

– Ryan Miller, Miller Insurance President


Miller Insurance, an independent agency offering personal insurance, business insurance and employee benefits, was moving to a new office for the first time in 30 years.
During this transition, any prolonged network downtime would be detrimental to their business. Unfortunately, their data provider failed to meet their timeline, meaning Miller Insurance would be left with no phone, email, internet or fax capabilities.
Making things worse, Miller Insurance had a sharp deadline to be out of their old office, but their new office wasn’t available yet, and their internet provider wasn’t able to install internet on time. They needed a temporary spot for their server and network infrastructure, as well as an internet workaround.



Miller Insurance turned to their Convergence Networks Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to get a solution in place fast.


Here’s what the Convergence team did:

  • Worked with Sterling Communications to immediately set up a colocation space for Miller Insurance’s server.
  • Moved Miller Insurance to an interim office while they waited for the new office to become available.
  • Helped Sterling deploy a temporary internet solution.



During each move, Convergence efficiently transferred Miller Insurance’s network infrastructure with minimal network downtime. The Convergence team was cool in the face of pressure, remaining nimble enough to improvise as the situation warranted. They did whatever was necessary to keep Miller Insurance operational during a challenging transition.