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Industries We Serve

World class, locally focused IT services for Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing and More

Every industry has unique needs and processes that make it challenging to manage IT, we take the time to understand these environments and implement unique solutions that make sense and meet best practices.

Below are some  industry specific questions that you should be asking  yourself and your IT resources.


  • Do you have customized security options through your firewalls for guests and staff?
  • Will I have a disaster prevention plan in place for my line of business apps?
  • Can I have control over who has access to my public Wi-Fi and is my internal network secure?

Construction and Development:

  • Will my support have experience with my development and design software?
  • Are there cloud options for my project planning and communication software?
  • What kind of Mobile Device Management do I have in place for my employees in the field?


  • Do you handle EMR and PM systems?
  • Are there ways to prevent downtimes for our phone systems?
  • Is your organization HIPAA compliant?
  • Can you secure our systems and ensure our clinic is following HIPAA  policies?


  • Are there benefits for my organization’s 501C3 filing status?
  • What cloud solutions will save my organization both time and money?
  • Will my employees or volunteers be able to work remotely without compromising our security?


  • Do I have a disaster prevention plan in place for my line of ERP software?
  • Are there strategies in place for my production line computer systems?
  • I need my systems up 24×7 to continue production, will you answer my call?
  • What Mobile Device Management systems do we have in place?


These are just a few of the industries we work with and we always consider each businesses unique needs.

So call us at 503-906-1600 and tell us your story, we are here to help.