Technical considerations when moving your business to a new office

Moving to a new office can be a stressful time for any business. Here are some key technology considerations to address before the move.

Service Migration

The migration of your services usually involves much coordination between you and your vendors. It is important to review which services you currently maintain and, at least 60 days before your move, validate connectivity and viability of services at the new location. If you can have your internet and phones working at your new location a day or two before the move, it will help for a smoother transition. Please remember that if you have services that rely on a static IP address, such as email or web services, other steps may need to be taken to preserve continuity during the move transition.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Be sure the new office has a secure room with sufficient space, cooling and independent power for your server/network equipment. This is also a great opportunity to practice good cable organization and labeling when connecting your equipment at the new office. Labeling and documentation will help mitigate downtime in the long run. When planning for your new office space, network cable infrastructure is usually redone, modified or retrofit to meet your specific needs. Some commonly overlooked considerations when planning your network cabling other than to your computers are: shared printers; centralized and ceiling or wall-mounted wireless access points; and, if IP phones are used, a separate and independent cable for your phone and computer is ideal.

Cloud Feasibility Analysis

This is the perfect opportunity to conduct a cloud feasibility analysis. Does it make sense to move some services to the cloud? Can you consolidate some of your physical infrastructure by using cloud services?

This is just a starting point. We can help you with the transition.