Convergence Policies

As your partner in technology we believe it is our responsibility to have the best internal policies and infrastructure possible in order to protect our client’s privacy and data. The best practices and security policies that we often suggest for our clients are also implemented internally to ensure your peace of mind.

We strive to grow with the development of regulations and best practices, listed below are some of the measures we have taken as a security and privacy conscious vendor:

Risk Management and Training:

  • Our internal network is designed and stress tested for secure best practices.
  • Luminant Digital Security provides on-going security and compliance audits to our security officer.
  • All of our employees receive continuing regulatory training, including HIPAA, and PCI.
  • Internal policies and procedures are constantly updated and reviewed for compliance and best practices.

Security Officer, Aaron English

A long time employee and industry veteran, has been appointed Convergence Network’s Security Officer. As our dedicated security resource he is responsible for implementing and maintaining security processes across our entire organization. With the help of Luminant Digital Security he proactively investigates and audits our internal processes and infrastructure for continuous security improvements.


Aaron English, Security Officer