Mobile Device Management

Why Should I care about MDM?

With employees on the go it is imperative that they have mobile devices to get their work done. Whether its laptops, smartphones, or tablets, workers are increasingly using multiple mobile devices. The advantage of this is more work can be done from more places and overall productivity is considerably increased. The downside is the issue of security, with your businesses information going back and forth on these devices it important to have control over your valuable information and trade secrets.

The Questions You should Be Asking:

  • If my employee loses their mobile device is my network compromised?
  • Can I remotely wipe a given device preventing loss of data or trade secrets?
  • When a former employee leaves do they take secrets, data, and network access with them?
  • Am I protected from potential virus threats from all of these mobile devices?

We will design and implement a Mobile device management plan that is unique to your business. Allowing your employees to be as productive as possible while still maintaining security and peace of mind.

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