What is a vCIO?

A traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) offers full-time strategic IT analysis and management but is usually out of the price range for small and medium sized businesses. On the other hand, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is outsourced, providing these services at a lower cost. vCIO duties include the following:

  • Offering extensive guidance on new IT initiatives.
  • Laying out an IT budget.
  • Preparing your business for technology changes.
  • Providing regular reports on your network’s health and security status.
  • Implementing a business continuity plan.

As a resource to your internal IT team, your vCIO will help you avoid pitfalls and select technology solutions that best meet your company’s objectives and budget. A vCIO can help you implement IT solutions or simply provide guidance and let your IT team take it from there. The value lies in the increased efficiency and lowered IT costs for your business.

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